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  • Lighthouse in Inktense Paint by Julia Woning

    I love to play with colour and water. So the Derwent Inktense paints are one of my favourites to use. For today I have chosen to paint a lighthouse. After I have lightly sketched the scenery with a pencil, I go over the outlines with a black Line Maker, leaving the clouds in graphite pencil. I will start to create the colour I want in the paint pan mixing palettes, before I start to paint the sky.
  • Portrait in Inktense Paint by Julia Woning

    I love my watercolours and especially Inktense. Today I want to capture this dreamy portrait. But first I want to capture the blurry leaves. After sketching out the portrait, with lots of water, I create the blur glow of the leaves. Then when the layer is dry, I place several layers on top so you create the leaves.
  • Capturing the First Signs of Spring with XL Blocks and Inktense

    Walking our dog across the golf course during lockdown, I was captivated by the image of the bare black branches of the back lit winter trees and the glorious first signs of spring’s bright yellow daffodils. This appealed to me as the perfect subject to create with Derwent XL Charcoal Blocks and Inktense Paint Pans.
  • Festive Squirrel Card Using Derwent Metallic and Inktense Paints by Julia Woning

    It’s almost Christmas and here I will show you how you can create another lovely Christmas card with the Metallic and Inktense Paints from Derwent. I’ve grabbed my Inktense Paint Pan Set, Metallic Paint Pan Set and Lightfast Paper to create this cute and festive squirrel.
  • Christmas Gift Wrapping with Inktense and Metallic Paint by Judith Selcuk

    Prepare your paper or bag by painting a thick layer of white acrylic paint (using Academy Acrylic Paint in Titanium White) onto the craft paper/bag in your desired shape. Here we have drawn a star.
  • Cheat’s Tie-Dye using Inktense Blocks

    This tie-dye technique will work on all cotton material; you can even buy blank/white pre-made cushions or t-shirts to decorate. As well as your fabric you’ll need Inktense blocks, a spritzer, a piece of scrap or printer paper, and elastic bands.