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Unique blend of watersoluble graphite with a hint of colour for dramatic tonal work

Ideal for mixed media work, graphite and colour combine to create this unique formulation of watercolour pencil pigments and graphite. Add water to transform the tint into rich, vibrant shades with an underlying graphite sheen.

  • Perfect for artists looking to add dimension to graphite drawings
  • Used dry, Graphitint provides just a hint of colour, but they will explode with colour when water is added
  • Soft and smooth and can be blended to produce an endless array of soft hues
  • Colours can be modified or removed with a soft eraser and clean water
  • Pencils have a wide 4mm core. Pencil set includes 24 colours.

Product Specifications

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  • Type
  • Collection
    Watersoluble Graphitint
  • Blendable
  • Color
    Assorted Colors
  • Detailed Color
    Assorted Colors
  • Lightfast
  • Pack
  • Pack Quantity
  • Texture
  • Color Assortment
    Port, Juniper, Aubergine, Dark Indigo, Shadow, Steel Blue, Ocean Blue, Slate Green, Grren Grey, Meadow, Ivy, Sage, Chestunut, Russet, Cool Brown, Cocoa, Autumn Brown, Storm, Warn Grey, Midnight Black, Mountain Grey, Cloud Grey, Cool Grey, White