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Derwent Videos


Choose from the sections below to watch helpful videos on how to use our Derwent Academy and Derwent Professional products.

Lightfast Video

Watch Derwent Lightfast Video

 Derwent's first oil-based, 100% Lightfast coloured   pencil now comes in 100 colours. Watch brand   ambassador Jake Spicer as he reviews our full Lightfast range. 

Procolour Video

Watch Derwent ProColour Video

The Derwent Procolour range combines a strong point and smooth laydown. With a range of 72 carefully selected colours (90% are Lightfast scoring 3-8 on the Blue Wool Scale). Enjoying creating beautiful, long-lasting pieces of artwork.




Shot from Paint Pan Video

Watch Inktense Paint Pan Video

 Watch artist Ian Fennelly demonstrate the Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Set. The Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set contains the unique Inktense formulation found in our pencil and block ranges. Unlike traditional watercolours, washes of vivid paint can be applied without dissolving previously dried layers.




Tie Die Video

Watch Derwent Inktense Tie-Dye Video

Create a Tie-Dye print effect on fabric with Derwent Inktense blocks. You will need:- Cotton Fabric- Inktense Blocks- a kitchen zester- Ping-pong or bouncy balls- Elastic bands- a Derwent Spritzer- Tracing Paper or Parchment- Scrap Paper. Fun for all the family!





Derwent Paint Pen Video


Watch Derwent Paint Pens Video

Derwent Paint Pens are a creative drawing and painting tool which are permanent and highly lightfast. The high quality 0.5 Japanese nibs are very durable and allow for a variety of unique paint effects, from fine lines to large layers and exciting splatters.


Pastel Paint Pans

Watch Derwent Pastel Paint Pan Video


Paint wherever you go with the portability of this Derwent Paint Pan Set. The uniquely formulated pastel shades paints are soft and light and can be layered for a brighter finish.

Pastel Paint Pans

Watch Derwent Line and Wash Paint Pan Video

Portable paint set is perfect for travel and outdoor use, with everything needed to paint on the go. This compact, curated collection contains versatile greys and blacks along with highly pigmented colours.

Pastel Paint Pans

Watch Derwent Tinted Charcoal Paint Pan Video

Create rich, dark tones or translucent-like colour with the watersoluble Derwent Charcoal Paints. The unique formulation combines charcoal with a hint of colour.

Pastel Paint Pans

Watch Derwent Shade and Tone Mixed Media Video

Experiment with your drawing and painting with the combination of paints and pencils included in this Derwent Mixed Media set.