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Permanent when dry – doesn’t washout like watercolour. Layer up intense vibrant colours.

Inktense paint delivers vibrant and versatile colour. Travel set is perfect for use outdoors with everything you need to 'paint on the go.' Includes 12 highly lightfast Inktense paint colours, a mini waterbrush, a sponge and five mixing palettes.

  • Inktense paint presents pre-mixed colous in a palette combination that artists need
  • Make custom shades by mixing colors together or adding more water
  • Colour becomes permanent once dry leaving an ink-like stain. Inktense can be layered and keep colours vivid.
  • Inktense paint is watersoluble and a waterbrush is included
  • Ideal for use on paper and fabric, the Inktense paint set is portable and pocket sized so you can easily paint while out and about
  • Includes 12 colours

Product Specifications

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  • Type
  • Collection
  • Blendable
  • Color Assortment
    Sun Yellow, Mango, Poppy Red, Dark Plum, Mid Ultramine, Racing Green, Bright Blue, Teal Green, Kiwi, Burnt Yellow Ochre, Natural Brown, Ink Black
  • Color
    Assorted Colors
  • Detailed Color
    Assorted Colors
  • Pack
    Pan Set
  • Pack Quantity
  • Permanent
  • Use on fabric
  • Vegan Friendly