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Free Shipping on Orders $50+, No Promo Code Required

Free Shipping on Orders $50+, No Promo Code Required

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Turn watercolour pencil into watercolour paint and replace your water cup with this convenient waterbrush set. With simple push button control and 4 different tip sizes this waterbush set meets a versatile artist’s needs.

  • Leak proof, push button design provides easy control of water flow
  • Durable nylon fibre tip holds its shape and point to maintain performance over time. Protective cap safeguards tip.
  • Waterbrush is ideal for indoor or outdoor use with watersoluble pencils, paints and more
  • Water barrel is refillable and easy to clean
  • Pack includes 4 waterbrushes in assorted sizes for detailed and broad strokes: 2 mm fine tip, 3mm medium tip, 4mm large tip and 10mm large chisel tip

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    Push-Button Waterbrush
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