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FREE Shipping on Orders of $75+

FREE Shipping on Orders of $75+

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Introducing Chromaflow Pencils: Vibrant Blendable Colour

Vibrant, blendable colour with a smooth laydown.

Derwent Chromaflow pencils have been formulated with rich pigments to deliver a bold, vibrant laydown. Premium core strength pencils that handle pressure when sharpening and in use. Enjoy consistent, reliable quality, every time.

Derwent Vibrant Colour

VIBRANT, BLENDABLE COLOUR: A bold palette includes a wide spectrum of rich, highly-pigmented colours


UNMATCHED CONSISTENCY: Chromaflow Colour Pencils deliver a smooth colour laydown, making blending, layering, and shading easier


STURDY & STRONG: Inferior pencils can break, damaging artwork, but the premium core strength of Chromaflow Colour Pencils can handle pressure when sharpening and in use.


PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: For artists everywhere, Chromaflow Colour Pencils are a reflection of Derwent heritage, and each pencil is inspected to meet the highest standards.

Derwent Chromaflow How To Video

Chromaflow Colour Chart

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FREE Shipping on Orders of $75+