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Use high quality paper pads from Derwent for all your sketching and colouring. Our cold pressed Inktense watercolour paper maximises colour vibrancy and withstands multiple layers, while our Lightfast paper maximises the performance of Derwent 100% Lightfast pencils.


Price Range
SKU: ZD2305831

Derwent Lightfast Paper Pad, 7" x 10"

Price  $55.00
SKU: ZD2305832

Derwent Lightfast Paper Pad, 9" x 12"

Price  $65.00
SKU: ZD2305833

Derwent Lightfast Paper Pad 12" x 16"

Price  $106.00
SKU: ZD2305834

Derwent Inktense Paper Pad 7" x 10"

Price  $55.00
SKU: ZD2305835

Derwent Inktense Paper Pad 9" x 12"

Price  $65.00